The dragonfly way to Flagstaff

October 21, 2010

As I began to leave the Joshua Tree National Park, a huge dragonfly cut me off. He flew down the road, and I followed. It was such an amazing exit! I’m all about surreal-life experiences, but this dragonfly seriously lead me toward the park exit for almost a mile! He hovered over the road, dreaming of being a Mustang or Beemer. As magical as that was, I had to say Byeee-ya, 10mph was fun for a minute but I had to get on my real-life way.

Hitting the road I realized I was very excited about this trip. With a new hairstyle (windows down), and an already unbalanced left arm driver’s tan, I was driving across country with a front row seat!!

On the way to pick up my co-pilot father in Flagstaff, AZ I saw a few interesting things…

Mile # 155- First mirage
Mile # 177- Bambi’s Mom 😦
Mile # 230- 2 elderly men on electric scooters with American Flags waving behind them
Mile #308- Sign claiming “Fresh Jerky for Sale” in the high Mojave desert
Mile # 355- A random fence with shoes tied to them (maybe a homage to the shoe tree in Nevada)

Then trip itself was magnificent. The desert ranged from 70-90 degrees, but with the windows down it was perfect! Soon enough the Joshua trees subsided, then mountains of pebbles seemed to grow out of the flat desert plains. Pebble mounds were replaced by rolling hills spotted with randomly spaced out bushes, suddenly it felt like I was driving across a bag of Idaho potatoes. Longing for potato chips, I enjoyed the view and in the distance a foggy haze settled below the blue mountain background. Hello America!

Pebble Mounds

Half scrubby face, half potato

The background


To be a Joshua Tree

October 20, 2010
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First Stop: Joshua Tree.  I arrived in Yucca Valley the night before my sobering Joshua Tree visit.  The stars that lined the road were electrified, and once I hit the 10 there were usually no cars ahead or behind me.  I was extremely aware that I was extremely alone…but I needed a little solitude.

In the morning I was welcomed into the park by friendly rangers an hour after sunrise; the only unnatural substance in my body was caffeine (and morning Heather Glee!).  The trees were creatural-I wanted so badly to personify them. So I did.  Some were like “Hey sun, what’s up!”


“Hey Sun, what’s up?”

Others had scoliosis…

The least interesting thing about them was that they were all named Joshua.

Heatherwritesafact: Joshua Trees can grow up to 30 ft and live for about 1,000 years!

The more I stared at the Joshuas the more I wanted to be like them.  So I posed as one for a few minutes.  Several cars passed but I don’t think any recognized the one Joshua that didn’t belong; my camouflage worked!   I blended in just like the lizards I saw scrambling about.

After Joshua bonding was over, I wondered over to a rock formation that was the original reason why I pulled off the road.

I climbed up this rock and have a time and space moment.  I perched myself 15 feet up and listened. I listened for the ants marching, the lizards hopping, the trees growing, the cacti thirsting, but I heard nothing.  The silence was deafening…there was nothing making ANY noise…all I could hear were my ears hurting!  It was intense.  So I recorded the silence and caught the faintest chirp of a bird, a call that went peacefully unanswered for the next 20 minutes.

After a meditative morning, I had to get on my way. I said goodbye to the Joshuas and headed for Flagstaff Arizona.

Hello again!

October 20, 2010
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After meaning to write in my blog for a year plus, I hope to finally have good enough reason and time to actually write again!  I haven’t yet been able to cope with the reality of leaving a lovely LA life, instead I’ve decided to focus all my energy on an exciting cross-country road trip from LA to NY….these are my stories!

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