Imagine Yourself in Central Park

July 30, 2014
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Imagine yourself on the way to the most wonderful park in the whole wide world in late Spring.  Journeying from Brooklyn, the F train is cool, AC is on for the first time this season so it’s a little cooler than you expect- but don’t worry, they’ll get it right by the time summer is here.

There’s a man singing a song in French, he has a mole on his face. The woman next to you is reading something in Chinese on her kindle.  There’s a –hmm is that a grandfather or a father?- with a girl of about 7 year old.  She is so bright and smiley it’s contagious. Everyone is happy and excited to be going wherever they are going- it’s Spring in NY!

A few middle-aged women carry folded Palm leaves because it’s that Sunday today.  You’re trying to decide on the best place to settle into at the park, and before you know it, the train doors open at 57th street and you walk up and exit the north west side. Crowds of people with matching shirts, fanny packs, insert tourist group cliché here, block you from crossing the street until the walking man sign appears. “Get me to that park,” you think as you bite the straw of your iced coffee (such good iced coffee).

You have arrived. Every single horse and carriage is full; there’s lots of love going on up here.

Birds are singing the sweetest songs, reserved for the most flirtatious season which has finally arrived.  While appreciating their lovely melodies, you pass a couple sitting on a stone-carved bench with two bikes laying in front of them.  She says, “We can’t just keep riding if we don’t know where we’re going.” He says, “It’s a big circle, we’ll end up where we started.”  I hope they work that out. Makes you wonder if those singing birds are actually flirting or arguing.  Shake that drama off and keep walking.

On your aimless wonder you end up where you wanted to be, the Mall. So pretty, so busy, so perfect. You zigzag from one side to the other, focusing sight and sound senses interchangeable.  You make an expression of approval at the charcoal sketch drawn of a bald tourist- he is loving the attention.  You then remember there’s a bagel in your bag and you want to eat it. Can’t eat it in the mall, so you walk through to the end with purpose, seeking a green space to settle into.  Once parked you devour that bagel (poor bagel) and watch humans in wildlife like it’s a National Geographic special.  You then share a self-reflexive moment with a Robin, also surveying the scene.  You know exactly what he’s thinking “There goes the neighborhood.”


There is a beautiful row of daffodils, curving close to a blooming Magnolia tree.  A couple sees the Magnolia tree in bloom and pose in front of it to take a selfie.  That happens again with another couple. And then again.  Repeat that about 14 times, sprinkled with engagement photo shoot, pregnancy photo shoot, baby’s first steps photo shoot, all in front of that Magnolia tree. Amazingly the photo shoots progress just like that song ‘love, marriage, baby carriage.’


There’s a poor dog across the way who is so overweight you can’t imagine he’s actually enjoying this walk in the park. Occasionally there are cheers that raise and fall like the pitch of a passing police siren (those happen occasionally as well).  It’s probably from folks celebrating the successes of the Women’s half marathon runners. Congrats all!

There’s a man in his 40’s learning to skateboard. He’s not doing too bad, but you can tell he’s afraid to fall-way to give it a go dude.  In the patch of grass between you and the new skater, a man starts a game of catch with his son. “Come on, show me you ate your breakfast today!”

Okay, now wait a second. Do you know what those giant fuzzy floating things are? They are like dandelion seeds but of giant proportion. Where do they come from? There are hardly flowers in bloom yet, no giant dandelions in sight. Really, I don’t get it.  This is one reason I believe in magic. Ok back to imagining:

You hear the thud of a Frisbee before you realize it hit your foot outstretched on your picnic blanket.  And yup, there it is; your first craving for an ice cream treat from the vendor cart 50 yards away.  Is it weird to get SpongeBob pop because it’s most similar to Buffalo Bill one that you used to get from your neighborhood ice cream guy? No don’t do that, you get a lemon italian ice and enjoy it with a wooden spoon because that’s what today calls for.

Your left shoulder is starting to feel slightly sunburned; it’s time to go.  As you walk towards the hidden park exit, a cyclist rings his bell ahead of you to clear the crowd. Today is a good day!


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