This land was made for you and me

November 12, 2010
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In Flagstaff, Arizona I picked up my dad; my co-pilot for the next week. We settled into our nameless “Motel” next to the nameless “Restaurant” and had forgettable evening in our anonymous surroundings.

In the morning, my dad woke up at dawn and met up with a herd of cattle; we were in the country alright! The morning had a chilly dampness to the air so that made you aware of every breathe.  I wish I could have stored some of that air in a spare lung, but there were no spare lungs to be found.

On the Mooove

We drove toward Sedona and pulled off the road periodically at a number of scenic overlooks, all of which were humbling. I was reminded of what Mesas were (remember those from geography lessons?), and as we saw open land stretching through to the horizon.  Along the way we wondered who owns all of this land? Without an answer, we appropriated acres of it to each other in song: “This land is your land, This land is my land, From California to the New York Island.”

Along Route 89S

We sang real estate claims until we arrived in Sedona ready to chipmunk-out and collect as much energy from the famous vortexes as possible. The hike up Boynton Canyon was invigorating. We ate a cactus, followed a red ant in the red clay, chatted with a modern day American explorer, measured the degrees of ‘twist’ to Juniper trees, and finally arrived upon a knoll where we “gathered power.”  The trail and the view was moving, it was a peaceful place. There were several people meditating in the area, and some other people on cell phones-oh no wait that was only one person; my dad.

The Red Rocks of Sedona

Twisted Juniper Branch

Meditation from the peak of Cathedral Rock in Boynton Canyon

After our hike, we walked down the road and passed a lot of Flat Animals (who must be friends with Flat Stanley and Flat Jackie/Geneva).  We saw Flat Snake, Flat Skunk, and Flat Chipmunk.  With all of the mystical excess energy floating around you would think these Flat Animals would be able to spring back to life!  We waited for it.  We meditated for it. And it didn’t happen.  So now, since people usually get disinterested in stories after they stay flat, this post is over.


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