To be a Joshua Tree

October 20, 2010
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First Stop: Joshua Tree.  I arrived in Yucca Valley the night before my sobering Joshua Tree visit.  The stars that lined the road were electrified, and once I hit the 10 there were usually no cars ahead or behind me.  I was extremely aware that I was extremely alone…but I needed a little solitude.

In the morning I was welcomed into the park by friendly rangers an hour after sunrise; the only unnatural substance in my body was caffeine (and morning Heather Glee!).  The trees were creatural-I wanted so badly to personify them. So I did.  Some were like “Hey sun, what’s up!”


“Hey Sun, what’s up?”

Others had scoliosis…

The least interesting thing about them was that they were all named Joshua.

Heatherwritesafact: Joshua Trees can grow up to 30 ft and live for about 1,000 years!

The more I stared at the Joshuas the more I wanted to be like them.  So I posed as one for a few minutes.  Several cars passed but I don’t think any recognized the one Joshua that didn’t belong; my camouflage worked!   I blended in just like the lizards I saw scrambling about.

After Joshua bonding was over, I wondered over to a rock formation that was the original reason why I pulled off the road.

I climbed up this rock and have a time and space moment.  I perched myself 15 feet up and listened. I listened for the ants marching, the lizards hopping, the trees growing, the cacti thirsting, but I heard nothing.  The silence was deafening…there was nothing making ANY noise…all I could hear were my ears hurting!  It was intense.  So I recorded the silence and caught the faintest chirp of a bird, a call that went peacefully unanswered for the next 20 minutes.

After a meditative morning, I had to get on my way. I said goodbye to the Joshuas and headed for Flagstaff Arizona.


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