We are all standing on the Land Before Time…

September 5, 2011
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And then we arrived in Tuba City: approximate population of 9,000 living humans, former population of thousands of footprint-making dinosaurs! Their impressions patterned the claystone desert road.  A hand-painted sign called out the designated parking area, but not the prints:

Tuba City - Dino Tracks

After scanning the ground and kicking the dirt a bit, a man appeared out of nowhere (maybe he was behind the parking sign, or hanging out inside the only other car that was parked in this extinct parking lot).  He moseyed over and casually pointed at the ground without saying a word. Like magic, we suddenly realized we were kicking dust upon the very Dino footprints that we had hyped up throughout the previous 20-mile stretch.

Aladar Sinclaire-they were everywhere! What a frantic mess of footprints.  We spent about 20-minutes taking photographs, calling up useless facts about tyrannosaurus (they actually lived in western part of North America, and many paleontologists believe the t-rex was a scavenger, not a predator!), surprising ourselves with how you actually spell pterodactyl, and guessing where the path to the Great Valley began.  On our way out we tipped our footprint guide and prepared for the last leg of day # 3 of this United States of Adventure.


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